Social Media


Imagecomgroup meets you at your level of expertise and supports your goals. And, you get easy-reader reports that tell you exactly how your posts, ads, blogs and content are performing, and what to do to next.

Social Media. It’s a whole ‘nother world.

Are you a novice? No worries; we’ll bring our social glossary and get you hip with the world of memes, gifs and emojis.

Got the social down? We can take you to the next level: dark posts, geo-fencing, chat bots, product tagging, video. Too busy to post, but want to control the content? We’re your extra hands.

Email Marketing, Blogs. They’re more important than ever.

Email —newsletters, offers, blogs and the like —are critical now as the online world is congested and ad rates are rising. Multi-tactic marketing campaigns work and SEO is enhanced through content creation. We help you communicate in a way the develops relationships, makes sales and enhances your web presence.

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We can:

  • Help you determine, define, refine and manage your on & offline content.

  • Establish and build your profiles quickly and efficiently.

  • Create paid campaigns that are specific and targeted. We create custom audiences, which means that if your prospect is a coffee lover, they’ll see your ad.

  • Connect that open house party to your social media presence, e-vite or phone call to seamlessly track conversions to attendance or sales.

  • Monitor and manage your spend and provide reporting that shows you the virtual trail to your door.